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Simple case: 49-year-old male executive with lower leg pain and varicose veins

Date: 10-24-2017 | 0: Comment

This 49-year-old executive presented with a long standing history of lower leg ache and obvious varicose veins. Varicose veins in this case was treated with one endovenous laser ablation treatment, followed by a single session of ambulatory phlebectomy relieved...

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Simple case: 68-year-old male with deep vein thrombosis and complications treated with EVA

Date: 10-23-2017 | 0: Comment

This 68 year old man presented with a complex history of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and was taking Warfarin®. Subsequent vein surgery and UGS failed to provide lasting benefit. There was progressive deterioration in the condition of the skin...

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Simple case: 64-year-old grandmother with an aching lower leg treated with MSC and UGS

Date: 10-22-2017 | 0: Comment

This 64 year old grandmother presented with an aching lower leg associated with a patch of surface veins. The patient received a single ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy treatment to the underlying abnormal veins followed by two micro-sclerotherapy treatment sessions to the...

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