This 66-year-old presented with serious complications arising from a previous deep-vein thrombosis, plus unresolved and underlying problems. However, three treatments freed this patient from pain and he is unlikely to need any further treatment for some time.


  • Age/sex:
    • 66/Male
  • Presenting problem/s:
    • Chronic leg pain
    • Unresolved superficial thrombophlebitis
    • Previous deep-vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Diagnosis/es:
    • Chronic superficial venous reflux
    • Thrombophilia
    • Prothrombin gene mutation
  • Treatment:
    • Endovenous laser ablation (EVA)
    • Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy (UGS)
    • Thrombectomy


  • Progress:
    • Completely pain free
    • Outfitted with Compression Grade 2 support
    • Daily 30min walks
  • Prognosis:
    •  Very good
    • 90% of cases are free of chronic venous insufiiciency (CVI) at 5-years
    • 1 in 3 patients require further UGS treatment

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