Here is an overview of the procedure known as ambulatory phlebectomy (APh) and a related prcedure called ligation (LIG). These techniques are amongst those used by our specialists to treat venous disease.


Procedure Description

This procedure involves either manual ligation (LIG) or removal of abnormal veins through small incisions approximately 2-3mm in length (Aph). These small incisions are closed using adhesive tape and there is no need for skin-sutures.


Procedure Time

Approximately 45 minutes.



Only a local anaesthetic is used and sedation is not required.


Risks & Complications

The risk of developing numbness adjacent to the treated area is approximately 1 in 30 with phlebectomy and approximately 1 in 200 with ligation.This is usually the result of irritation or damage to superficial nerves and in some cases may be permanent.

The risk of wound infection is approximately 1 in 50.

The risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is approximately 1 in 500.



The procedure leaves small scars approximately 2-3mm in size, but results in minimal after-procedure pain and has a quick recovery period.