The consultation phase involves visiting with one of the North Shore Vein Clinic’s specialists to discuss your problems. The specialist consultant will discuss with you your medical history, your symptoms, and may conduct preliminary tests and physical examinations. The consultant’s aim is to form an opinion about what might be wrong – a diagnosis – and decide upon the most appropriate treatment plan. This phase is closely linked to the imaging phase; following tests and imaging, repeat consultations are sometimes required.


The imaging phase serves to corroborate the diagnoses made during consultation. Diagnostic imaging takes several forms – x-ray imaging, ultrasound, CT, and MRI scans etc. The in-depth investigations accomplished by imaging are carried out according to the consultant’s request. Following these tests, a report is produced which helps the consultant clarify diagnosis and proposed treatment.


Here at the North Shore Vein Clinic, our clinicians, administrators, and patients are embracing the move to electronic health management, or e-health, by offering a range of services via an ‘e-health clinic’.