Here at the North Shore Vein Clinic, our clinicians, administrators, and patients are embracing the move to electronic health management, or e-health, by offering a range of services via an ‘e-health clinic’.

ClaydataTelemedicine and more with Claydata's PuttyHealth

NSMG's e-health clinic

Simply put, NSVC’s e-health clinic helps foster a closer relationship between patients and their doctors and caregivers by giving both parties better control over the medical information that is taken up and generated by the patient-provider relationship.


Both our Vein Clinic and our Heart Clinic offer e-health services
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When we first book a new patient for an initial consultation, they are encouraged to gather together as much of their medical data as possible. Patients bring in healthcare documents and dossiers and we can arrange for a patient’s other healthcare providers to securely transfer their records to our clinic. This information is quickly collated and transcribed into what is known as an electronic health or medical record (EHR or EMR for short). There are many EMR systems available for clinicians to use, but here at NSVC we use Claydata’s comprehensive and innovative PuttyHealth, a system that our practioners were intimately involved in developing and testing. We use PuttyHealth to manage every aspect of our practice, from administration (booking, notifications, and billing) to specific medical practices themselves (consultation, diagnosis, procedures etc.).


PuttyMe cardFor patients, the crucial aspect of this system is the fact that PuttyHealth puts them in unprecedented control of their medical information. Patients who wish to take advantage of our e-health clinic are issued a PuttyMe card. This card is their link to their personally-controlled electronic health record. A PuttyMe identity grants patients access to a highly secure, password-protected, private e-health network that presents patients with an online health summary – a first in Australia. This record includes information such as patients’ medical history, medications lists, bookings, billing information and more. Access is simple: patients’ PuttyMe accounts are available via the web using any browser, whether it be on a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, Apple iPad, iPhone or Android.


But this isn’t simply a read-only display. Patients can interact with their record like never before. While most patients use computers and smartphones to remotely interact with our e-health clinic, an even simpler example of our e-health clinic’s functionality is that the system allows someone with a basic, text-message-enabled cellphone to interrogate their EHR. Patients receive notifications as to their upcoming bookings by default, but just by texting ‘mybookings’ to our PuttyAssist hotline, they will receive a rundown of their appointments. Furthermore, texting ‘mymeds’, ‘myhistory’, or ‘mybills’ will prompt PuttyHealth to respond with the relevant information. Connected this way, patients are much less likely to forget their meds or appointments.


img_1017Another novel advantage is to be found in PuttyHealth’s capability for real-time integration and monitoring of patients whether they are present in the clinic or not. For example, diabetic patients can log their blood-sugar levels using any device. This information is automatically and intelligently integrated with their EMR, which in turn will alert the patient or their doctor if there is any anomaly.


These innovations all contribute to our patients being more intimately involved and invested in their medical data, being in better communication with their healthcare providers – ultimately this means NSVC can provide better healthcare.


For a limited time, we are offering our patients free access to PuttyMe and PuttyHealth. Please, don’t forget to enquire about our e-health clinic when you book your next consultation with any of our clinics.