North Shore Vein Clinic Sydney commonly helps patients with removing spider veins
About spider veins


A spider vein is a small, abnormal vein, approximately 1mm in diameter, that sits very close to the surface of the skin. Spider veins typically occur in clusters, and it’s their typical star- or spider-like appearance that gives them their common name. Spider veins are far less serious than varicose veins, although their unsightly appearance lead many to consider removing spider veins for cosmetic reasons.

Even young people seek help for spider veins


People 15 to 25 years old may be suffering from unsightly spider veins. Yet many in this age group do not seek help, or are unaware that uncomplicated vein treatment is at hand at our Sydney vein clinic.


Vein problems afflict both males and females


Males are more likely to seek vein treatment upon experiencing symptoms such as leg pain, aching legs, or heaviness of the legs due to spider veins, varicose veins, or other vein problems. On the other hand, females are more likely to seek vein treatment when they notice the presence of unsightly, bulging veins or spider veins.


However, both sexes benefit from early detection at a specialist vein clinic, reducing the risk of complications arising from vein problems later in life.


Work and lifestyle factors have an impact on the likelihood that you will need vein treatment


Are you a healthcare worker, a doctor, a nurse, or an allied health professional? Do you work in sales or retail, or in a job like hairdressing, teaching and lecturing, or as a flight attendant? These occupations have been linked to a higher incidence of spider veins, varicose veins, and even riskier vein problems like deep vein thrombosis (DVT).


Successful spider vein and varicose vein surgery recoveryNo matter your problem, age, or occupation, our Sydney vein clinic can help. Book an initial consultation with a vein specialist to find out about spider vein and varicose veins removal, or any general vein treatment enquiries, be they problems with leg veins or veins elsewhere on your body.


Spider vein and varicose vein surgery recovery


It’s very important to adhere to our vein specialists’ advice in order for you to successfully recover from spider veins treatment or varicose vein surgery. Besides maintaining a regular schedule of moderate exercise, North Shore Vein Clinic stocks a range of affordable compression stockings – wearing these are a vital part of the vein treatment cycle.


Spider vein and varicose vein surgery costs


Thankfully, our rates at our Sydney vein clinic are very competitive. Our fees for spider vein treatment (and leg vein removal in general) are always below Australian Medical Association (AMA) rates. Spider vein treatment is one of the simpler procedures undertaken by our vein specialists, and therefore one of the most affordable.