Varicose Ulcers

Without being a serious disease, varicose ulcers prevent the development of normal life. However is important to treat them.

Phebologist and vascular surgeons are the specialist doctors who must be seen for treatment and cure. The ulcers appear in the ankle, are very painful and quite frequent, especially in the elderly.

A varicose ulcer is the symptom of chronic venous insufficiency that occurs in the lower extremities. Varicose ulcers are an invalidating disease, due to the pain they produce.  Its appearance and development are related to hypertension or vascular hyper pressure with localization in the ankle area. They appear after years of evolution due to difficulty in the return of blood to the heart, there is an alteration of the composition of the fat at the level of the ankle, by permanent inflammation, which results in a hardening with alteration of lymphatics and fine vessels and in a lower oxygenation of the tissues. The result is a destruction of the skin and fat, and the appearance of an ulcer originally small that can reach large sizes. The initial form of a varicose ulcer is oval and there may be one or several varicose ulcers.


In 90% of cases of a varicose ulcer has a venous cause. They can be caused by the existence of valvular insufficiency, the most frequent usually occurring at the point of junction of the saphenous vein (superficial vein) with the femoral that previously would have been the cause of appearance of varicose veins, with output of red blood cells or blood, pigmenting and taking brown coloration with eczema-type dermatitis. They can also occur after having suffered a deep vein thrombosis. Due to the evolution of venous disease and the tendency towards low mobility, it occurs more in people of the Third Age. One of the factors that favor venous return is active life and mobility, due to the relationship of the muscles with the veins, since in the walk the muscular contraction of the twins acts as a muscular pump favoring the blood return. The movement is more limited in elderly people and therefore a greater incidence of the problem occurs.

AHPRA WARNING: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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