Vein problems and pregnancy

Pregnancy is a miracle, but being mom comes with a few vein problems related to hormones and the way they we feel during the time we are waiting for our baby.

Problems like nauseas, the feeling and the need to pee the whole day, the sensibility with different smells and types of food and small spider veins that appear in your legs during the pregnancy, makes life a bit complicated for future moms.

For some of them, veins with a shape of spider are only a cosmetic concern, but in its majority, they can be also a cause of pain and inconvenience.


But how may we know if those can be involved with some kind of risk? in order to respond, is possible to say the following things: if there is someone in your family with varicose veins problems, you can traverse more risk of having them. Approximately, half of the people with varicose veins, have familiar precedents related to this health problem, and other one of the grounds is that on having aged you can traverse more risk of having varicose veins. However even young people may be suffering from unsightly spider veins, but this problem affects principally young women due to the use of contraceptive pills.

On the other hand the varicose veins are more frequent in women than in men. This is because the hormonal changes that happen with the puberty, the pregnancy and the menopause can raise the risk of varicose veins in a woman. For example during the pregnancy the fetus exercises pressure on the veins of the legs of the mother; varicose veins that appear during the pregnancy improve in general between 3 to 12 months after the childbirth.

Luckily innovation in healthcare and technology have helped to develop new treatments less invasive and quicker. It’s a good idea to check before the problem get worse, because the condition could get worse with the time. Make an appointment to understand the best possible treatments for you. Undergoing any kind of medical treatment can be a disconcerting experience, thankfully our doctors and healthcare staff are here to offer you genuine support every step of the way.

AHPRA WARNING: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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