Treating vein disorders is remarkably low-risk. You are diagnosed and treated according to a carefully planned Leg Vein Treatment Cycle, and first up is a comprehensive diagnostic process involving in-depth consultation alongside doppler and ultrasound imaging. Your assessment establishes the type and extent of the treatment you need, which in turn determines the level of risk to which you’ll be exposed.

However, treatment across the board is incredibly low-risk and low-impact. You’re treated on an out-of-hospital (outpatient) basis in our drop-in and walk-out clinic; our procedures do not require general anaesthetic, extensive incisions or stitches; there’s no need for ‘down time’ in bed or time-off work. In fact, all patients are instructed to commence a daily 30-minute walking routine immediately after the treatment session to speed healing and recovery.

The ease and low-risk associated with these treatments can be attributed to our use of the latest in ultrasound and laser technology, sometimes in combination with minimally-invasive surgical techniques. With the experienced care of our specialist medical team and a sound post-treatment plan your treatment and recovery is really a walk in the park.